Agriwell s.r.o. is a company of Czech origin involved in trading agricultural commodities for human consumption, oil extraction or animal feed.

The main specialization of our company is flax seed. The core assortment consists of: flax seed in range of 97-99,99% of purity, poppy, mustard, caraway and other oilseeds. Since 2015 our offer includes dried fruit such as apricots, mulberries, rose hips and raisins. Most of our goods originating from the Eastern Europe, Middle Asia and Czech Republic. We can offer the conventional and organic quality goods.

Our mission is to provide to the Central and Western European clients guaranteed quality goods directly from the Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The company exists since 2009 and expanding its geographical operations area and assortment. Since that time such companies became our clients:

Nestle, Podravka-Lagris, Zealandia and a number of other companies.

Linagro Nv‏, SAATBAU ERNTEGUT GmbH‏, Agrosom Gmbh‏, Tekro s.r.o., Agrofert a.s. and a number of other companies.

Our company acts more than like a trader. We are the trading operator. It means that due to our high-level expertize and in-territory connections we are able to offer and secure not just a fixed assortment but to provide you an offer matching directly your customized demands. That is why we are looking forward to find out in depth about the needs of any company getting in touch with us.

Agriwell s.r.o. is a holder of the following certificates:




  • GMP+


    12 000 41 356 TMS

  • BIO



We are offering the following goods: